Resurface, Rejuventate, Rejoice! 

 December 7, 2012

By  Boca Botox

Side-step surgery and sideline the signs of aging by using the latest in skin firming, tightening and resurfacing – radio waves, lasers and light therapies. Advances in technology have propelled firming facials light years ahead, taking less time and providing long-lasting improvements in skin’s elasticity while diminishing dark spots and redness for a youthful, fresh look. Many treatments can be done on a lunch hour and other can be used not just on the face, but on the tummy, hands, arms and thighs!

Resurface, rejuvenate, rejoice!


Lasers: Receive one complimentary laser treatment when you purchase one treatment

Thermage: Receive $1000 off your second Thermage treatment

*Offers cannot be combined with any other promotion or offer. Special pricing expires 12/31/2012*

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