Skin Injectables for Lines & Wrinkles

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We are pleased to offer a solution to age defying medicine, in the form of cosmetic injectables. Injectables are intended to prevent the occurrence of and reduce the appearance of deep creases and furrows in the face. In addition, some injectables work to reduce fat accumulation in the region below the chin and jaw, effectively treating a double chin.

One of the first signs of aging is seen in our faces. With aging, the face loses elasticity, with decreased cellular turnover. Expressions of laughing, smiling, and frowning can leave deep creases in the skin. Additionally, fat accumulation can amount in the lower face, especially under the chin and jawline. These combined changed can result in an aged face that lacks a smooth and youthful appearance.

Fortunately, injectables have proven to disrupt the aging process by providing a means to correct for muscle tension in the face, reducing the appearance of deep lines and creases. Expected outcomes of dermal injections, depend on the area treated and the reason for treatment. In general, injectables are used to relax facial muscles and reduce fat cell accumulation.

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Common treatment areas for facial injectables include:

  • Creases around the eyes, also known as “crows’ feet”
  • Forehead creases that appear with laughing and squinting
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Below the chin fullness, also called the “double chin”

There are many injectable products and we are pleased to carry a wide assortment for superior outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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Kybella is a minimally invasive, and cost effective alternative to facial liposuction. Kybella works to reduce the appearance of submental fat, also known as the double chin. Fullness below the chin and jaw is a common condition that can be difficult to treat. The double chin affects both men and women, and is influenced by aging, weight gain and genetic predisposition. Unfortunately, diet and exercise can only help to a certain extent. Fortunately, Kybella helps to dissolve the fat below the jawline.

Kybella is approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of submental fat. Kybella is a manmade form of a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps absorb fats. It contains a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring chemical that helps metabolize dietary fat. When the Kybella product (keoxycholic acid) is injected into the body, it destroys the fat cells and eliminates* the double chin.

Kybella is administered in up to six single treatments. Each treatment is given no less than one month apart, depending on the patient and desired results. Unlike other fillers, the results of Kybella appear to be long lasting. The results are a more sculpted chin and neck, in as little as two treatments.

What to Expect

If considering a dermal injection, the first step is to meet for an individualized consultation, where you will discuss the desired and expected outcomes. The clinical team at Ennis Plastic Surgery will help you determine which type of injection will best suite your needs, as well as review any precautions. If you are on certain medications, you may need to stop taking them before treatment, due to a risk of bleeding. For many individuals, there is little preparation needed before undergoing a dermal injection.

The area will be slightly numbed with a local anesthetic to reduce discomfort. For most injections, the entire process takes 10-30 minutes, depending on how many injection sites are administered. The clinician determines the most appropriate injection sites and then treats accordingly. There is typically very little recovery needed after an injection. There may be some mild redness or swelling in the area with mild discomfort. Typically these side effects are alleviated within a few days.

Many patients achieve ultimate outcomes by combining injectables with other dermal fillers. For example, patients may choose to utilize injectables to address their crow’s feet and frown lines in addition to Kybella for their double chin, as well as Juvederm for their lips. The combination of fillers and injectables is known as a Liquid Facelift, resulting in a smooth and youthful appearance.

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

At Ennis Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to offer the most up to date and clinically optimal injectables. We only utilize FDA approved products and our clinical staff are trained on their best use and applications. Our clinical experience and expertise have time and time again delivered natural results, avoiding the dreaded “frozen face,” and yielding naturally beautiful results. If you are curious how a facial injectable may refresh your facial appearance, please contact Ennis Plastic Surgery for a consultation today.