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Deciding to undergo a lip augmentation can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It can be confusing to determine which injectable product is best for your needs and desired look. Fortunately, with a little education and the expert guidance from the clinical team at Ennis Plastic Surgery, choosing your ideal lip injectable doesn’t have to be difficult.

Lip fillers are an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure, as full and luscious lips are now attainable through a relatively simple procedure. Pouty, well defined lips are seen as a beautiful, sensual asset. For some people, a lip injection is used to enhance naturally thin lips. Others have lost volume or definition in their lips with age. The delicate skin of the mouth and around the mouth can show aging signs quickly, with vertical facial lines around the mouth and thinning of the lips. This is especially true for individuals who have smoked cigarettes.

Lip fillers can enhance the lips appearance by adding shape, volume and definition. The skilled clinician strategically injects the appropriate amount of substance into the lips, gradually building up the volume until the desired lip fullness is achieved. The gel supports the shape of the lip tissues and adds definition to the curves.

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About Hyaluronic Acid, a key ingredient in Lip Fillers

The most common injectable material for the lips are variations of a formulation of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring, sugar-like substance found in the body. Because of this, there is very low risk for allergic reaction. In years past, collagen used to be the most common injectable filler. However, collagen is not used as regularly because hyaluronic acid fillers are safer and longer lasting.

Hyaluronic acid naturally works in the body to hydrate the skin, providing volume and contributing to a youthful look. As we age, our bodies lose the ability to naturally produce sufficient hyaluronic acid. This leads to facial volume loss and facial lines. As a filler, hyaluronic acid works as a plumping substance to restore lost volume and moisture.

In searching the options for lip fillers, it can seem overwhelming. Use the lip injection guide below to understand the differences between the most popular lip injection products.

Lip Filler Brands


Juvederm is an injectable filler that boasts consistent results without altering the patient’s natural appearance. Juvederm is a gel substance made of hyaluronic acid. Juvederm Ultra PLUS gel is used for injection into the lips and in the skin surrounding the lips. This product augments the lips, adding fullness and shape. Additionally, it can fill in lipstick lines (the wrinkles that form around the mouth) and create a more defined peak at the top lip (known as Cupid’s bow).

Juvederm is FDA approved for safety and efficacy for people of all skin colors. The Juvederm family of dermal fillers is the best-selling product line of dermal fillers worldwide. The results of this injection are immediate and last up to six months.


A new product in the family of Juvederm injectables has recently been FDA approved for use in the United States. Juvederm Volbella XC is indicated to correct lines around the mouth and increase lip volume. The exciting difference with Juvederm Volbella XC is that results have been shown to last up to one full year. This makes it the only FDA approved filler to clinically demonstrate such long lasting results.

Juvederm Volbella XC is a technologically advanced dermal filler, using a modern formulation with VYCROSS technology. VYCROSS blends various molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, contributing to the filler’s long lasting duration. The filler uses a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid which is why the gel has a smooth and soft texture. This delivers smooth, soft and beautifully enhanced lips after augmentation.


Silk is another hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is indicated for addressing lip volume and fine lines around the mouth. When injected, the hyaluronic acid acts like a water magnet, boosting volume in the tissues. This product is used to fill and plump the lips as well as to fill in the lines around the mouth. Additionally, it can help to define the lips by enhancing the cupids bow.

What makes Silk unique is that it uses smaller and smoother particles, in comparison to other products. The smaller size allows for smooth injection into the delicate and thin tissues of the lips. The smaller particle size allows for precise and accurate injection into fine tissues in and around the lips. Silk also contains lidocaine, which is an anesthetic to reduce discomfort during injection. Results typically last six months. Patients schedule ongoing follow-up visits twice per year in order to keep up their results.

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Fat Injections

Another, more lasting approach to lip enhancement is with the use of fat injections. In this approach, the surgeon harvests fat from another part of the patient’s body, such as the abdomen, flank, or thighs. These fat cells are processed in a centrifuge to separate the fat from other fluids and cells. Once prepared, the surgeon carefully injects the fat graft into the lips for added volume, definition and contour. The results of fat injection are long lasting, as the fat cells have been permanently* transported to the lips. There is some natural cell breakdown, so not all of the injected fat cells will remain. However, this is an excellent approach for those looking for a more permanent* solution to thin lips.

This procedure requires the use of local anesthesia for fat harvesting and injection. It generally takes about an hour to complete. Patient should expect some swelling and potentially mild bruising of the lips. This generally subsides within several days or up to one week. Fat injections also have very little risk of allergic reaction, because the injected material is naturally occurring from the patient’s own body. There is no foreign material to cause an allergic reaction.

What to Expect with Lip Fillers

Modern lip augmentation techniques and products can now create beautifully enhanced, well defined and natural looking full lips. No longer do lip injections create overinflated, cartoon-like lip volume. At Ennis Plastic Surgery we pride ourselves in consistently beautiful and natural results. Lip injections are not a permanent solution for lip enhancement. Patients require regular touch-ups in order to keep the lips full, as most injections last approximately 6 months or up to one year.

When considering a lip injection, the first step is to meet with the clinical team at Ennis Plastic Surgery to discuss your goals and desired outcomes. The clinical team will help you determine which product is best indicated for you. For most people there is little preparation needed before a lip injection. However, if you are taking certain prescription medications that affect bleeding, then they may need to be temporarily discontinued before treatment.

A lip injection usually only takes 15-30 minutes for completion, depending on how many injection sites are needed and the amount of gel to be injected into the lips and around the mouth. There may be some swelling, redness or discomfort after injection, but these side effects usually resolve within a few days. The results of a lip injection are immediately visible.

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The Ennis Plastic Surgery Difference

Donna Ennis, ARNP is a respected expert injector with extensive training and authority on creating natural looking results.  Ennis Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing the most modern treatments and dermal filler products to our patients.

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