Best Botox in Boca 

 July 3, 2014

By  Boca Botox

Dr. L. Scott Ennis is tops on Haute Living’s Best Botox in Miami.

The article hit July 1 and touts the “subtle, spectacular results” from Dr. Ennis’s skilled hand.

As an Allergan injectables trainer and internationally renown plastic surgeon, it’s no secret that his skill and experience combine for the best patient outcomes.

Remember, it can take a week for your smoother, more youthful face to be revealed, so plan accordingly when scheduling your appointment.

To keep that smooth, youthful face, keep a regular Botox appointment every 3-4 months and add a monthly HydraFacial to your skincare regimen.

Curious about Voluma or Juvederm? Ask Dr. Ennis for his recommendation at your next appointment. You may be missing an opportunity to erase a few more years or preventing those lines and creases before they take hold!


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