Meet Dysport, New Relaxer 

 September 30, 2010

By  Boca Botox

Since 1989, Relaxers like BOTOX have evolved from being used as an ophthalmologic treatment for spastic eyelids, and waging the war on wrinkles. Now it’s the country’s most popular cosmetic procedure and its second most recognized prescription name (after Viagra), pulling billions of dollars worldwide. DYSPORT, it’s new competitor, joined the cosmetic arena a while back and new uses for relaxers are presented at a fierce pace, including the answer to a not-so-swan-like neckline and a gummy smile.


There are a matrix of muscles in the neck, called the platysma bands, that pull in a few areas which resul in long vertical bands on either side of the neck. These develop because these muscles are used frequently. Relaxers like BOTOX and DYSPORT can eliminate this banding.


When some patients smile, their top lip retreats so far up that almost 1/4 of an inch of gum is visible. There is a muscle in the upper lip that can be treated with relaxers, converting a gummy smile into a more relaxed, natural looking smile.

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