The Many Different Uses for Botox 

 February 19, 2016

By  Boca Botox

When we think of Botox, we normally think about it be used to help rid the face of fine lines and wrinkles. However, this magic injectable can be used for a few other things as well. There are different variations of Botox that can be used for anything from constant sweating to enhancing the hair. Whether you are looking to improve your skin and have it look younger or you want to rid your head of chronic migraines, Botox might be able to do the trick. For those who aren’t too familiar with this cosmetic dermatology treatment, here are the many different uses for Botox and how it might be able to help you.

Botox for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

For those who know about Botox, they usually associate it with removing fine lines and wrinkles from the face. This is the most common usage for this type of cosmetic dermatology treatment. Botox is injected into the skin where the problem areas are such as on the forehead or near the brows. After it is injected, the serum will actually help paralyze the muscle tissue to prevent a lot extra movement so the skin appears tighter and younger.

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The results are solid and they can be achieved rather quickly. Patients will enjoy these benefits for a few months after the treatment but will then need to go back to the dermatologist to get more injections to keep up with the results.

Botox for Migraines

People who suffer from constant migraines know that the pain can be unbearable and sometimes even the strongest medications just can’t cut it. While some resort to prescription pills, others tend to try the natural way by laying in a dark room with a cold cloth on their head until the pain passes. Migraines shouldn’t get in your way and stop you from doing your everyday activities, but many times they do. However, Botox might be able to help that.

It has been approved by the FDA to help fight migraine pain by helping to prevent it in the first place. The results have been pretty sufficient too, as it has been said to reduce migraines from coming back each month. In order for this treatment to be used, the patient will needs to have 15 or more headaches in a month and they need to each last about 4 hours in total. How does it work? Injections are admitted in the neck and head, with about 31 in total. They will also need to be injected every 12 weeks in order to keep up with the treatment properly.

Botox for Persistent Underarm Sweating

Let’s be honest, no one wants to deal with persistent sweating especially under the armpits. However, many people deal with this medical issue everyday and no matter what they do, they can’t find relief. While there are many deodorants and prescription medications that can be used to help provide some relief to the constant sweating, some still don’t get the results that they want. That’s where Botox can come in.

Many patients have turned to Botox to help rid their constant under arm sweating but getting injections in the armpit to help with the sweating. After the treatment that consists of roughly 15 injections, patients usually see a significant difference within 4 weeks following. The results can last too, as most patients don’t need to go back to the dermatologist for follow up treatments until 6-7 months after the initial procedure.

Botox for Hair

Most of us want to have healthy, shiny hair but we can’t always get that due to overuse of product and heat. And while we try to get the look we want but using different shampoos, conditions and treatments, these might not provide the results we seek. Botox for hair can provide the looks we want but giving our hair the sleek, healthy shine we have been thirsty for. This is not an injection but instead a treatment that is applied to the hair and scalp and left on for a while to really soak into the follicles. After the treatment is complete, splits ends are better, shine is back to the hair and even scaly scalp is improved.

Botox at Ennis Plastic Surgery

Botox might be known for ridding the face from wrinkles, but it can really provide help to many other problem areas on the body too. Whether you need help with your persistent underarm sweating or want to get finally get help with migraines, Botox might be the right option for you. Speak with the medical team at Ennis Plastic Surgery to decide whether Botox can help one of your problem issues and be sure to go over your medical history to ensure that you are eligible to get this type of treatment.

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